About the Egg

This is the place where i write stuff about me. I dont know why this page gets so many visits, but here goes.

Actually, if you want to know anything about me, then have a look through my catalogue of blogs. Its all there, highs and lows.

If you want to know if I can write try  The Colour of Life,   The Trouble Wih Rhubarb or   Zombies, Werewolves and Englands Favourite Terrorist

If you want something funny, I like  Give me the head of Santa Clausio,   The Pooh of Destiny or   A Change of Life Goals

If you want something sporty,  Fun and The Olympic Games is well viewed,  7 reasons why the World Cup is important,  or  The Greatest Olympian,  leave a comment please.

If you want to know about my political views try  There probably is no god,   War, Collateral Damage and Wikileaks or  Stavros the Greek Fisherman

If you want to know about my background, then try  Stereotypes, Racism and My Two Front TeethCulture Shock and Double Cream,  or  Too Late To Be A Father

I suspect most of you want to find out why I agree with  Barbara Harris…  “Who is this idiot, agreeing with a merciless christian right loony!”. If you do, then try using the link provided and listen with an open mind, maybe you might find she has a point.

Anyhow, here’s some stuff about me you won’t know.

* I love doing things I can’t do
* I could sing, once
* I am not frightened of embarrassing myself
* I am a good badminton player, but I’m not allowed to play anymore.
* My biggest talent is understanding people
* I am always tapping drum beats out, but I have never had a drum set.
* I have done anything for Love
* I am rubbish with my hands
* I get off on imagination
* I ask, and ask, and ask
* I suck my thumb and twiddle my hair occasionally
* I’m not a dog or a cat lover, but could go for an octopus
* I will try anything once
* I get shy when I shouldn’t
* I would like to live as a recluse
* I have an opinion on almost everything
* I love giving compliments
* I get my words mixed up, often.
* I want to be with someone who thinks for themselves
* I always wanted children, but it never happened
* I once went out with Christina Aguillera
* I am always thinking
* My dad is the greatest man alive
* I love being tested
* I am a sucker for peanut butter
* I have very few friends
* I have had a keyboard and a strat, but never played them
* I should have learnt more spanish than I know
* I have no patience for prejudice
* I have over 500 DVD’s so far
* I can go on for hours about music
* I like maths and history
* I prefer people one to one
* I cant stand tea (even though I’m english)
* People get one chance for free, the second one they have to earn
* I am smart, but not as smart as I think I am
* I am a grown up, but love being a child
* I think uniqueness and individuality are the best qualities

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