7 reasons why I believe Football’s World Cup is important?

In just two short weeks the world turns to South Africa to celebrate a festival of colour, music and the grestest team sport in the world. Played on every continent by the richest lords to the poorest children, with just a ball and a couple of jumpers for goalposts football is the worlds most loved sport. From Japan to Australia, Peru to Afghanistan you will find kids kicking a ball around.

Just the other day though I heard someone ask whats the point of it all. So here goes. My 7 reasons why Football is important

We are in the middle of a world recession, with poverty, crime and inequality running riot. Most of us are struggling so hard to keep afloat that we almost forget why we are bothering. But every four years we get a new set of heroes. These individuals or teams strike back at the hated authorities, the status quo, and show us we can change the world.

1. Football is inspirational.

The only time in my life when I thought I can handle England losing, Cameroon’s world cup run was so inspirational that the whole world wanted them to win. This wonderful african team that most said never had a chance before the tournament, grew in confidence and lifted all our spirits . I even learnt 38yr old Roger Milla’s dance

2. Anything is possible.

Another case of the underdog winning, the 1950 final between hosts Brazil and Uruguay was a foregone conclusion. In Brazil, football is a religion. Nobody doubts Brazil is the greatest footballing nation in the world, but no-one told the Uruguayans in this classic David and Goliath final.

3. Take your chances when they come.

In the 1974 world cup between Brazil and Congo, defender Ilunga Mwepu saw an opportunity to alleviate a dangerous position, but all he ended doing was getting a yellow card, and entering world cup history. He may not have gotten away with this audatious effort, but you have to applaud his grabbing the chance when he saw it. This is one of the most popular world cup clips, and it’s simply genius. And as someone who has used Mwepu’s trick more than once, I can tell you it is deeply satisfying.

4. Money can’t buy you love

The score is 3-1 to France, and things arent looking so good for wealthy oil producing Kuwait. So when someone in the crowd whistles for offside making the kuwaiti defenders stop in their tracks , only to see Bernard Giresse stick it in the back of the net , Sheikh Fahid Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah, the president of the Kuwait football association had had enough. Knowing that he was destined to lose his job and perhaps even his head if he didn’t do something, Al-Sabah threatened to take his team off the pitch if the goal was not discounted.

Unbelievably the russian referee eventually caved, but despite all their money and power, the Kuwaiti’s went home empty-handed after losing 4-1.

I want my ball back!

5. We all lose it sometimes.

Football is not just a game of skill and energy, it is a game of spirit and passion. Sometimes though that passion can go a little too far, and get us into trouble. It’s only right that the little man in black should tell us to cool off in the locker room. Here’s a celebration of the dreaded red card. And yes, Ray Wilkins is even more proof that football has it’s fair share of big girls blouses. Oh and yes, Messing is from Cameroon… even their red cards were inspirational.

6. Fight the power

We always have to remember that rules are important, but we should always question them. The world is a tricky place, and there is always someone looking to take advantage of us when we are not expecting it. My world cup moment here is Siminic for Croatia vs heavy underdog Australia. All Australia needed was a draw, all english referee Graham Poll needed was to learn how to count.

7. There is no I in TEAM

This is the beautiful game. And goals don’t get more beautiful than this.

Have a great world cup, and COME ON ENGLAND!!!

~ by eggplantinspace on May 28, 2010.

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