My Fantastic Girl

I am selfish. Its a fact. I am selfish, too selfish i’m sure. And yet people still like me. I dont really understand why they do. I’m not sure if I would like me, but others do. Maybe its because I say things that others think, but heres what I mean. I hate kids! Well, thats not true, I hate kids who insist on having the window seats on planes and then dont look out of the window! I mean come on… I know they are kids and so were supposed to be all cutesy and nice and kind and stuff, but please! ANYONE who has a window seat should be forced to look out the window. I would have their faces squished to the glass for the whole flight if they fail to take an interest for at least an half hour after take off.

I’ve just come back from Oklahoma, and I had a middle aisle seat. I tried to make the best of it, tried to think af all the good things about having a middle aisle seat, like… good toilet access, plenty of head room (im 5’5″ so thats useful), but in the end it’s just crap. They should give you discount for the middle seats, and god forbid you are in the middle middle seat! trapped and bored! Nightmare.

Anyhow, I’ve just come back from Oklahoma, and whilst I’m sure I will get round to telling you the thousands of things I was fascinated by and the HUGE differences between the US and my England, I have to tell you that  I met my baby, she is pretty and funny and interesting and her children are fun and adorable. Im in love and completely smitten.I want to be with her and things will not seem right until she is back in my arms.

We have been in love for ages, but we still hadnt met, and if you have ever fallen for someone on line then you’ll know there is a moment of doubt when you wonder how stupid you are being, surely they dont want you as much as they say they do, what if you just dont click in real life, how will you know she isnt a mad axe murderer and you will be victim number 45?

My moment of doubt took up a whole week prior, hers an half hour waiting at the airport. Funny how people are different. Then we saw each other. I turned the corner of the nothing to declare part at OKC airport and saw her smiling nervous face. It would have been so funny if I went running up to her in a ‘brief encounter’ kind of way and it turned out I was hugging the wrong girl, but she was not the wrong girl. She is the right girl in so many ways.

And in an instant I knew I would not be dismembered by the morning and fed to the street people in a meat pie (perhaps my fascination with Sweeney Todd wasnt healthy after all). I knew I was ok. Not just ok, but ok forever.

I am going to write about this over and over in the next few weeks, but as this is the first chance I have had to write a blogette, I thought I would give you the brush strokes. So now my roll in life is to save money so I can be with her again forever. My Angela, My Life.

~ by eggplantinspace on April 19, 2009.

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