My Last Chance

On the eve of the most important election in recent history, and bearing in mind that your vote affects me personally, I am trying my last attempt to persuade you.

I know you’re probably sick to death of hearing views on the two candidates by now, but please take 2 minutes and just have a read. If you disagree, then fair enough. At least you did it knowing you heard the arguments.

Firstly, this election isnt about personalities, no matter what you hear. Other elections have been, but this one isnt. This isnt about who fought for their country, or how old the candidate is. This election is about REAL politics. REAL decisions will be made by the next administration, that will affect you personally.

This election has been brought to us all in soundbites. It appears from the news reports that you are either for a change or you arent. If you think the US needs to move to new ground, blaze a trail into a new world you vote Obama, if you still believe in old american family values you vote McCain.

ITS MUCH MUCH MORE.  And I’m not just talking about Iraq!

The US is facing its future right now, it has two choices, two roads to travel in, and this is the last chance to decide.

The first choice follows current US Govt thinking. Whether you like it or not, this thinking is hugely unpopular with the rest of the world, including your allies.

It is unpopular because it promotes a harsh form of freidman ‘free market’ economics on the rest of the world that has been proven not to work in every country its been forced on since the 70’s, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Poland, Phillipines and even Russia have all struggled and their belief in the US style monetary systems have crumbled. This isnt so bad except that when they say no to free markets, they also say no to free speech, democracy, pleuralism and freedom of religion. They say yes to old communist values, fervent nationalism, religious dogma and war.  Just to clarify, Free market economics means NO GOVT INVOLVEMENT, or NOTHING IN THE WAY OF BIG BUSINESS.

If you own a small business you will know how much the opening of a new giant Wallmart affects your local stores, affects your jobs, affects your sense of community, affects local affluence. Your govt does nothing to protect your way of life. Instead it protects THEIR right, the rights of fat cats and billionaires, to take your money, to pollute your rivers, to take your jobs, to copy your ideas, to steal your land in the hope that money will trickle down to you like 17th century serfs begging at the doors of the French Palace, whilst Marie Antoinette says, “If the bread is mouldy, then let them eat cake.”

You have a right to live the american dream too. You deserve a chance as much as the CEO’s and major share holders.

It has been proven not to work by the current banking meltdown in which in every major country around the world has had to plough money into its banking system. To save rich people from losing a fortune.

It has proven not to work by the war in Iraq, in which we have stolen their resources to protect our own industries… I’m sorry, I know our reasons to go in were different, but since we’ve been there, thats all that we have done, to our shame. If you think for one second we were in there for humanitarian reasons, well ask yourself, where is the invasion of the Congo, where thousands of people have been dying every day his week.

It has proven not to work for your own people. Thousands of dispossessed people award a pathetic $6000 for their house and homes, their schools, their jobs, their lives following the tragedy of Katrina. The shame of the richest nation in the world by far, unable to help their own people because of strict unreasonable economic policy. Charity from the middle east of all places given to the US to help the survivors make a new life for themselves, only to have the money spent on a private schools system.

It hasnt worked for the hundreds of thousand american citizens currently crippled by hospital insurance burdens, unable to live the ‘American Dream’ you idealise so much. Whilst pharmaceutical companies make biliions of dollars worth of profits. The rich getting richer as you struggle and suffer.

It hasnt worked for the environment. Over 90% of scientists, and every single independantly funded scientist around the world is in agreement that the world is heating up. That the water supply is shifting, and that in the next 50 years many thousands of people will have to move again, to find new work where the fresh water supply is better. Big Business has done nothing to research the problem, nothing to counteract the problem. And your government, whos job it is to look at this stuff has decided to do nothing. Has broken every single agreed commitment to stop global warming because it will affect big business.

Elections aren’t won, they are lost.

You have 2 choices. Some of you may not like Obama. Some of you may see his idealism, his vision as being too tax heavy, but they are still much less tax heavy than most of the G8 countries, and we all manage.

We have National Health Systems giving cheap or free prescriptions, free doctors, free operations. We hit our environmental targets, becoming world leaders in new markets such as renewable energy. We give money to people through a strong social securities network ensuring NO ONE IS LEFT BEHIND. A line stolen from your very own President Roosevelt. We look after people dispossessed, knowing that everyone needs a hand from time to time.

If you still believe that another 4 years of Republican rule will change this, then you must vote McCain. If you cant bring yourself to vote for a black man, then dont vote at all. Please though, dont vote just because you’ve always voted that way. Dont vote not knowing the issues.


~ by eggplantinspace on November 3, 2008.

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