The Big Question, Bouncy or Firm?

I Have News!!!!

Momentous News!!!!

I have had a whole week pass me by without a major disaster!!!!

(I know, its not much, but it makes me happy)

So, to let you all know whats going on…

My father is at home and bored senseless, and we have to sit on him to get him to take it easy. He’s a restless soul naturally, but the pacemaker turned him into an energiser bunny. The whole premise of getting him to sit still just wont work. Today, whilst doing some washing, I caught him weeding in the garden. Ok, so before you say it… Yes, he has just had a mini-stroke, and yes, he is brain crazy!

I have nearly bought something I’m looking forward to showing off soon. Its just a matter of time, before it is mine, as it is I actually have the item in Question, but I wont take pics or tell you until its mine for sure…. So stay tuned.

Also, I would like to point out that my flattie is a numpty, an idiot, a plonker, a giant bag of smelly moss and sticky lichen! I was struggling to think of a suitable thing to blog about today. I wanted a basic subject to get my teeth into, and he told me… why dont you blog about your car and your dad!

It appears the only person right round the world that hasn’t read the blogs I so lovingly write, is the best friend who sleeps in the room next door!

Anyway, all that aside, and perhaps in honour of this momentous revelation, I have decideed to ask you, myfriends, a question of profound proportions. I am presenting, if you will, a Challenge to stand your ground. No reasons required, just simple answers to a simple question. A question that may have taxed us all at some point….

Bouncy, or Firm?

Now I ask this, not just of women, but also of men.

As well as the rather obvious question about … erm… womens … erm… mamillious adornments….. I am wondering if a mans…. erm… appendage, is more attractive when only erm…. half filled up, or when fully… erm… you know.

So, to clarify the question….

In your opinion, is it sexier when it has more bounce than a cheque from IndyMac, or when it’s harder than getting a strip-show at the Ayatollah’s!

I’m not kidding around… I am genuine… For Men and Women… Do you prefer Bouncy or Firm?

For my own part, I go with bouncy… on both men and women. Bouncy is just plane more fun. You can make your partner a laughing wreck, just by jumping on the bed or running round the room! How simple is that!

And there are few more satisfying pleasures than getting a sneaky peaky as you go slowly over speed bumps.

Life is sweet with Bouncy.

~ by eggplantinspace on July 28, 2008.

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