A week to remember

Well, its been another awful week. This year is definitely having its ups and downs… but I am writing this to prove a point… About being positive… partly for you but mostly for me… Anyhow..

Firstly, as you know my cab which is the focus of much amusement has been poorly. I bought the thing for £4000 March last year, and it has served me well, but there was a grinding noise that came from under the bonnet (hood) and so the doctor was called in.

At first i was informed it was the fly wheel, now i havent a clue what a fly wheel is, but im guessing my car needs one, and my friend the mechanic told me you dont replace a fly wheel without replacing a clutch.. he suggested the price would be around £1000. I dont have £1000 lying around, so it took alot of begging to scrape up the money. One of the conditions to the begging though, was to go to the Vauxhall dealer.

They’re pretty good over there, so I wasnt too bothered, and when they rang me with the news that both my timing chains had gone and needed to be replaced for the sum of £750, i was relieved. They informed me that i needed a new starter motor as well at the price of £125… both handlable!

The very next day however, they told me that the fly wheel and clutch both needed to be replaced as well! After a serious amount of negotiations and apologies from the garage my final price was £1625. Shit!

So more begging. And they have had my car for 4 days so far. Thats 4 days of not working, not that those days are busy days, but… and when they finally give it back to me, they have done something to my taxi meter. I now have to drive 25 miles tomorrow morning (missing work tonight) to get it fixed!

Next my father who I love desperately, had a fall. He’s had a heart attack before and I was very worried about him. The doc says it might be a mini stroke following the insertion of his pacemaker… Mum is pulling her hair out, and i’m not surprised… They fight like cats and dogs most of the time, but when you see them so fragile, thats when the real love comes through. Those tender moments, touching hands and sitting with each other in the dark.

Anyhow, on Monday morning at about 7am, she called me panicing about dad… I went over straight away, even though i had spent the night chatting to a couple of friends online. As we waited for the doc to turn up, I sat through my mum having what could only be described as a mini breakdown, at first she was ranting about how she couldnt handle looking after him, but it ended up with her crying on me because just the thought of him hurting was crushing her.

The doc didnt turn up til 1 and then mum was out the door for some tablets. She looked awful but not as bad as she did on tuesday. 36 hrs of not sleeping can do that, she was also starting to develop a fever. I stayed with them both, and mum got a little sleep.

Wednesday as I was getting the £750 news, mum looked terrible and dad was still dizzy on his feet. They booked the docs again for the next day…. Today.

So I turn up around 1pm… Sorry to Amanda, I left MSN on last night by mistake, when i woke up my head was on the laptop… For the first hour i had keyboard marks on my face, and the second hour was spent trying to dry the whole thing out from the dribble.

Dad had gone to the doctors in the morning, and was told about the possibility of the mini stroke, and how more tests were needed. Mum however was due to go to the hospital for some erm tests… She was carefully instructed by the NHS to drink 2.5 pints of water and not to visit the bathroom for 8 hrs before she turned up. Well, my mum is a little anal about this sort of stuff and drank tea with abandon last night and this morning, she also didn’t visit the bathroom for a good 20 hrs when it was time for her to go.

She gave me absolutely loads of instructions which basically consisted of dont let dad do anything, but if he wants to move about and do things then let him…. my mum has her confusing moments… especially when she is tired and rough. She finally dashed out the door… im guessing with something that has wings between her legs…lol

Anyhow dad and i sit and chat for a bit, and 45 mins later mum is back. she throws me the keys and tells me to park the car, then she runs in to see dad sat on the couch watching cookery programmes.

She then tells us, how with all the drinking, and the not going to the loo, and the fact she hates public toilets (has a real phobia of them), she went to the nurse, who told her the appointment wasnt til tomorrow!

My dad and I burst into laughter.

Then she began to laugh.

Ever laughed hard when you want the loo?

My mum ran as fast as she could!!!

My mum has little legs.

We laughed even harder.

So with that in mind, and what a crap week its been, I am pleased that I had a moment to focus on something genuinely funny.

I really hope you all have a good day today, and know that no matter how down things can get, life will always throw something funny from left field to make you smile.

~ by eggplantinspace on July 17, 2008.

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