A Harem?

It has come to my attention, that some of you may be thinking I must obsessed with women.

I am, but no more than any other guy I know. However, two specific comments have been made, that I would very much like to address.

Firstly, the fact that most of my friends appear to be women is true, but not because I have been exclusively searching out women from across the globe to flirt with…. No, no, no, no, no!

I have believe it or not, been searching endlessly for guys too! However, men, as i’m sure you all know, are a bit wierd! I started off this thing by messaging randomly for 3 women and 3 men each week that peeked my interest. The men, however have either ignored my innocent messages, or at worst told me to go elsewhere in colourful language implying that I am homosexual. I have never seen this as a dating site, however clearly their own sexuality must be in question if they cant make friends with a guy. Im sure if I had breasts, they would have responded in droves.

I have never understood this rather sexist ideal that men have. After all it is relatively easy to make friends with guys down the bar (unless there is a woman with them… duh!!!). Online however it appears to be close to an impossibilty, well for me at least. For that I think you should all send my good friend Josh a hello, he may be religious, but he is the only guy that responded in the spirit intended.

I have had a friends request through from a guy in bournemouth, but as I have a policy of never accepting a friends request unless there is a message to go with it… well I refused it (but not until I sent him a message saying why! I mean come-on, how fair can I be!)

So, with that done, I move on to something which has caused somewhat of a stir amongst all you myspace friends… My ex’s.

It has been mentioned to me that placing my ex’s on the pics is kind of like showing off, that its intimidating and a little wierd. Hmmm, maybe.

The thing is, I wanted to put my life on here, and bearing in mind that these woman shaped part of my life, the directions I travelled in, the life I was leading etc etc, it seems totally insane to leave them out. I have pictures of my nephews on here, and I have spent considerably less time with them.

Can you imagine a biography of Tom Cruise that didn’t mention Nicole, or one of Brad that didnt mention Jennifer, or one of Colin Farrell that didn’t mention… well everyone!

No, and thats because they’re important. After all would Tom Cruise have made Vanilla Sky, if Penelope hadn’t made the original? Would Ben Affleck made Gigli… actually he might have, but you can see my point!

Women are very much a part of my life, and so they should take the stage as much as my new flattie and my brother. May I suggest that you only consider it wierd because, you yourself have chosen to try and forget those times spent. I cannot, because they were all good times, and in the true spirit of positivity, I should hang on to those moments and keep them in my scrapbook of life.

I would suggest that those of you that find it intimidating only do because they are nice photos. Trust me… they are the best of literally thousands. I love taking snapshots, and almost all get thrown away. If you had thousands of photos of yourself, you would find one or two really good ones too.

There might be some of you that consider it morose or mean even, perhaps they dont want their pics on myspace. Well yes that could be true, after all, some didnt end very well, and I appreciate the insensitivity of that, but it’s my life too, and they were a part of it. It is why I have only picked out the best of the flattering ones.

Finally, if I am so proud of my past, then why have I not put them for everyone to see… Another good point. I guess because my last relationship finished so recently, and is still quite sore, especially as her dad is a complete arse, that I felt it best not to aggravate too much. I do intend to open it up in time, jus not yet.

Okay, I hope that explains a little of my reasoning. As always I am very open for criticism (as I often deserve it), but I would prefer it to be constructive, and preferably more than 2 words, but I continue to promise not to block anything negative, although you have been kind enough to be supportive. I would actually love to have a few negative comments once in a while. It makes for a lot of fun.

Hope to be chatting to you soon


~ by eggplantinspace on June 30, 2008.

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