Life with my flattie

So. One week gone, and here’s my update…

Krispin, my flattie (find him on myfriends and abuse him as much as you want… no seriously, he likes it) is a pretty good laugh, although we have spent way too much time sitting on our easy chairs and watching DVD’s rather than doing anything useful, like getting a pot so we can boil an egg.

The only thing is I cant help getting the feeling people might think, since we’re two guys living together, with both of our names on every bill, that people might think, specially since I needed a mattress and he needed a bed, and the guy asked us how long we had been together, that people might think we’re a little bit, since my friend PQ asked us when we were getting rings, that people might think we’re a little bit, since his GF is miles away and I’m single, that people might think we’re a little bit, since I’m on a fitness thing at the mo, and insist he goes swimming with me… Hang on, maybe I am a little bit…. Well i do like musicals!


My mum asked me if I was the other day. It scared me a little actually. When your mates take the mickey it’s fair enough, but when your mum does!!!

Anyhow, the flat’s fine, and looks great with no couch or table in it. My bedroom is a little wierd with no wardrobe, but you gotta love the space. We had a choice of a couch, a washing machine or a dirty great TV set. Needless to say our clothes will need a hammer by the end of the month.

And I have spent almost my entire time sitting on the balcony and watching the birds shit on my car, so thats nice!

All in all its been a really good laugh, except when he filmed me playing Guitar Hero, and put it on you tube.

Dont worry, I intend to seek my revenge… any ideas anyone?


~ by eggplantinspace on June 7, 2008.

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