Nuff Said, “Titanic”

Nooooo! why is it when I write a blog im happy with, my pc has a funny 5 mins!

Never mind. I shall try to recreate it another day, I will just ask one question before I head to bed after another long day.

In the film Titanic, has anyone ever noticed how Kate Winslet spends a good 5 mins telling Leo she wont let go, and then pries his dead hands from her grip!

Just saying, that aint right is it!

And then, she has the audacity to die at the end, and find herself back on the titanic, instead of the man she married and stayed with for 40 years!

Once again… not right!

I’m starting to get the impression there was a little poetic licence about that particular story!

Nuff said!

oh… except this is a relationship free blog. First one in ages!


~ by eggplantinspace on May 18, 2008.

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