Trying to Breathe

When she stays in your heart like the shadow behing you

Never straying too far or spreading too thin

When she fills you with joy like the warm setting sun

as the skies get much darker but the glow stays within


When she sparkles your life with dazzling glitter

that sprinkles your pages and falls on the floor

When she’s bright like the catherine wheel spinning and spinning

and your eyes lose their focus and lights start to blur.

When she smiles like the angel you never believed in

and fills you with hope of the chances you missed

When she glows with a brilliance that lights up your way

and the darkness inside you is filled with a kiss

When she stays is in your head like the things you’ve forgotten

And niggles all day like a puzzle to crack.

She’s your first thought at day break, birds singing her name

and your last dream at night, as the sheep fade to black

Whe she gives you a purpose, a reason to live

gives her strength and her passion and fills you with with air

When she is stays in your heart, in your blood and your soul

How do you breathe when she’s no longer there.

(Eggy, May08)

~ by eggplantinspace on May 10, 2008.

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