My Ex

Ok, the is the last blog about this, cos its boring and alot has happened since I put the music blog some two or three hours ago.

For one, I haven’t slept. So bearing in mind its now 10.45am, i’m in for a tough day.

If anyone is reading this and doesn’t know whats going on then read the blog I didn’t want to write, and if you cant cos its blocked, then never mind eh.

The girl I was texting texted me back today, i had tried to get in touch to help sort this mess out, but got nothing. And boy, when she called back she had some skinny to tell.

Firstly my ex was not shown the texts by the girl (we’ll call her peanut!), but instead by her good friend (we’ll call bitchface). This is important because my ex was under the impression I had been texting bitchface.

Secondly, the texts were fakes. SHOCK HORROR! Peanut told me straight, she showed bitchface them once only and there was no way they were copied.

Thirdly, my ex believed the texts were still happening (which they weren’t) because bitchface told her they were.

Fourthly, Bitchface fell out with peanut a couple of months ago, because she stole £3000. Peanut put a charge against her and so she is out for revenge.

Fifthly, when bitchface was due in court, she was hiding up in Norfolk and guess who drove up there, picked her up, brought her down and paid bail…. go on… i know you can guess…. my ex’s dad!!!!!

When I told this to my ex she refused to accept it at all, instead saying that her dad was all behind giving me another chance. Rubbish, he’s been making life difficult for us since we got engaged, not paying me money he owes me, £250, not paying my friends money he owes them, not letting my ex see me, not supporting us when we said we wanted to marry in a registry office (he said he wouldn’t go unless it was a church)

The Man’s a liar, and a manipulator, and a crook. I will never talk to either of them again. They deserve each other.

I know that sounds angry, well it is, but its at least a little justified, because now I know for sure that

a. He’s not worth the shit on my shoe.
b. She never loved me.

I have now wasted far too much time on them, so thats that.

Hope you are all happy and having a nice day.

~ by eggplantinspace on May 8, 2008.

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