It Might Be My Mood, “Meeting Sarah Marshall”

Firstly thank you for all your comments on giving up smoking. I lasted 17 hrs in total, but thats all changed now.

At midnight yesterday I gave up again and so far 24hrs in I’m still going strong. My wonderful girlfriend is giving up too. She was giving up quite easily on Sunday, but when I told her I had lit up, she started again. Her argument was, we do it together, so we can help each other pull through the hard times.

Anyhow, we decided to go to the cinema because you cant smoke there anyway.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall is the new film from the crew that made 40 Year Old Virgin, Superbad and the very good Knocked Up, so I was hoping for something special.

What we got, and I’m balancing this on the grounds that I’m a little tetchy at the moment…
was the biggest pile of steaming moist, piteous, sad, ignominious, tragic, uneventful, mindless, facile, hopeless, shamefully pathetic, appauling smelly cow-dung the world has ever seen.

Okay, maybe not that bad but pretty bad nonetheless!

The first scene involves the celebrity actress dumping her dull boyfriend while he’s naked. COME ON, Naked guy (butt naked, full on frontal) refusing to put on his clothes until she agrees to go back out with him should be hilarious, all you need is a mouse trap and a roller skate and it’s a classic! And yet the entire cinema was quiet!

Despite the fact that I hate Russell Brand, I cant deny that his rock star avoided most of the cliches and even got a laugh, and Mila Kunis as the perfect love interest is charming, even if she is given a terrible sequence with her ex.

The extras are ok, and Dracula; The Musical is entertaining at the end, but generally, unless you are a die-hard fan you would have a better evening setting your toes on fire.

Incidentally, there was one very funny moment. My girl, who is normally so quiet and respectful and tells me off for having my phone on vibrate, got really really stressed out and kicked her bag of popcorn down the aisle.

No doubt some do-gooder would have complained and said something, except she was shouting “Give me a Fucking Smoke Now!” at the time. I didnt and she calmed down, but i now have two of her fingernails permanently embedded in my left hand.

And to think, she’s so sweet normally.

Oh and finally I ran a red light on the way home. Not drunk, not on drugs, just giving up smokes. Is this anything like PMT?

~ by eggplantinspace on April 29, 2008.

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