Jealousy (I want more readers!)

Ok now, I’m a little distressed today.

Firstly, I didnt work last night because I had a head that was banging louder than a def leopard gig. I decided an early night (about midnight) was appropriate, and hopefully have a better day today.

So far so good. No migraine and a bad back… fair compromise.

Then I went online this morning to answer a few messages and you know, catch up. I saw Toms blog there about the new menu thing and clicked. After 10 seconds of being bored of that I flicked through the comments and started randomly browsing.

Now, I spend no small amount of time trying to find amusing or touching or personal or contentious things to say in the hope that I can spark debate or make you smile, but looking through random blogs made my heart sink.

One blog, that had no less than 4 replies, told the story of someone who had broken down on the freeway with no petrol. This wasn’t a long and amusing parable about letting things get on top of you, or taking chanes, or even dealing with help. This was, I got in the car and it broke down, and blow me if I didn’t run out of petrol… ah well.

FOUR Comments!

All saying Very funny story pal, and Know how you feel, been there myself!

Am I doing something wrong here. Is there any point in spending ages trying to find the right words, using the right phrases, finding a witty angle???

So in an attempt to rouse interest in my little blog thing, I have decided to write about what happened last night.

As I said I wasn’t feeling too good and had gone to bed early, anyhow I wanted to change the channel on the TV set. I kept on pressing the buttons on the remote control but nothing was happened. Blow me if I didn’t have the wrong remote!!! I was only holding the dvd remote!!! I obviously picked the wrong one up!!!

I nearly ended up watching the wrong program!


~ by eggplantinspace on April 19, 2008.

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