I was touched today

Now, I’m not saying im losing heart in my desperate search to find interesting people who will talk to me, but when you dont have a face like George Clooney, people rarely browse you.

You can stop that right away, i’m not the bloody elephant man!

So everyday this week I have endeavoured to browse possible new friends on myspace. Its been hard as most people dont respond to unsolicited messages (and the blokes think i’m gay).

Its made me feel a little like a peeping tom (which has its up side mind you). Not once but twice i came across blogs that spoke of breaking up with their long time partners. Today must be a bad day for it.

The first stunned me, as the blogger was brutally honest and blunt about her situation. She got many many replies in a matter of hours. I had to comment on her excellent friends, but secretly I was jealous that she had been noticed by so many and that such decent positive words and thoughts were sent to her. Meanwhile i write half a book each night and only my mum reads it. Hello mum.

A little later, however, I found another blogger. This one was far more verbose and far more self-critical. She was trying to understand what she had done wrong, and the blog was her cry for help. At the time I felt I was the only person reading, as no comments had been posted. I hope thats not the case, as there was alot of pain there.

As I replied, I was reminded that the world can be very lonely, and sites like these more so. And sometimes we just dont know how to catch the attentions of others, when what we need is a gentle word.

I dont mean to sound like the reverend Eggy Plant or anything, but it made me feel good to think the blogger got a reply, even if it was fatuous rubbish from me.

Im not suggesting we all be nice to each other, it wouldnt work, and if it did it would be boring. Monopoly would last for weeks!

I’m certainly not suggesting we should all go out and find a new friend. Maybe pick-up a homeless guy, and keep him in the kennel outside.

I guess im just saying its nice to feel you have helped in some small way. And to wonder at how entwined all our lives can be.

Maybe when you see your friends sad, you should be sad with them. That they pass a little sadness to you, and their burden becomes less heavy.

I’d like to think so. so I’m volunteering. I’m pretty happy at the mo, so i can handle a little sadness thrown my way. You know what to do.

’til tomorrow


~ by eggplantinspace on April 10, 2008.

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